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June 4, 2020 — 05:14pm GMT+0000

Is there a relationship between climate change and natural disasters?

Pramodya Editor

There is a recent change in climatic patterns worldwide in means of extreme bushfires, storms, winds, and floods. Unpredictable sudden changes in the hydrosphere and lithosphere cause these kinds of weather patterns. For instance, if we consider Amphan storm, many experts stated that it could create a change in climatic trends in the future, based on the way the wind affects many Asian countries. NASA has discovered recent information, including pattern and impacts of Saharan dust storm travelling from Africa’s Saharah dessert across Atlantic Ocean.

 Maarten K. Van Aalst has written a relevant article regarding climate change trends, and there he has stated many examples of natural disasters that occur due to the changes in weather and climate patterns.

Global warming is the most critical scenario nowadays, and the dry nature in the earth’s surface creates bush fires easily in many regions in the world, even with less human impact. Australian and South American amazon forest bush fires were good examples of this. Extreme environment temperatures in each region were the cause of those bush fires this time. Australian government geoscience website has stated about this. The number of injuries recorded due to bushfires between 1967-2013 in Australia is approximately more than 8000, with 433 deaths. The death percentage due to bushfires is nearly 50% of the natural death amount there. Even though bushfires are common and normal in these countries, recent bushfires are quite extreme than before. These extreme environmental conditions will, anyway, severely affect the equilibrium of the ecosystem functioning.

African Region

When we move into the African continent, it experiences severe droughts mostly throughout the year. The scarcity of water and food is the main problem that impacts human and animal lives there. All the mentioned natural disasters have created as a result of climatic and weather changes in each region.

African Climate
Drought Land

We cannot see a precise and exact end in the story of natural disasters. All that we need to do is to identify the climatic patterns and weather patterns and follow protective safety precautions and getting ready for the natural disasters that happen annually, such as bushfires and trying to control them as much as possible.

We cannot stop global warming but can reduce the rate of global warming by minimizing the emission of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. For this, we have to come up with regulations to prevent excessive carbon dioxide emissions. That will help to maintain the rain and minimize the drought conditions in dry zones of the world.

Asian Region

Asian countries have a different story. Even a small rainfall can create a flood condition in many Asian countries. The main reason behind this is inadequate infrastructure facilities and not having a stabilized economy in the country. Failing to manage the vast volumes of rainwater due to lack of proper drainage facility and mismanagement of land enhances the floods in those areas. By improving the infrastructure facilities in these regions, it can minimize the level of damage from natural disasters. Proper education about climate change and weather changes and patterns will help to adapt to these disasters. Environmental friendly activities will anyway help to reduce the drastic climate changes, and humans thus need to practice an ecologically friendly lifestyle.

Flooding Situation

The developed nature of communication and technology has provided great space to predict future weather patterns and climate change. Predictions can now be made, including the damage that can happen. Warnings can be given within a short period helping to safeguard lives in disaster conditions.


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