About Us

Environment’ is a vast subject area that we cannot explains the things in it easily because what is happening today may be an environmental phenomenon tomorrow. Simply, this is a beautiful continuing process which has no ends.

We believe it is important to educate humans about nature and environment as we all are part of it. The world is changing. With every breath we take, we live knowing that we die one day.  But we should always remember that the real owner of that breath is this environment.

We want to make you feel about the value of environment and educate about the interesting innovations in natural sciences.

Our name ‘Greencovert’ implies the bond between animals and nature. Green denotes nature and covert; that gives the meaning of tail feather of arves(birds), signifies animals.

HADP Algiriya
Environmental Officer
Master in Environment Science and Technology, RMIT Australia and Bsc in Zoology, University of Colombo